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Banny A - Ankhi Putt Punjab DeBanny A - Ankhi Putt Punjab De[R]

Banny A - Shikari (The Hunter On Hunt)Banny A - Shikari (The Hunter On Hunt)[R,V]

Banny A - YodhaBanny A - Yodha[R,V]

Banny A - Jolly Jolly (2015)Banny A - Jolly Jolly (2015)

Banny A - Singh SavioursBanny A - Singh Saviours

Banny A - KhandaBanny A - Khanda

Banny A - Chhad DilaBanny A - Chhad Dila

Banny A - Rise UpBanny A - Rise Up

Banny A - The CelebrationsBanny A - The Celebrations

Banny A - Aah ChakBanny A - Aah Chak

Banny A - Dark SideBanny A - Dark Side

Banny A - DC Bhangra Volume 2Banny A - DC Bhangra Volume 2

Banny A - Seeti 2 Ft Miss PoojaBanny A - Seeti 2 Ft Miss Pooja

Banny A - Dark & DangerousBanny A - Dark & Dangerous

Banny A - The Real DiamondBanny A - The Real Diamond

Banny A - Rp Blast XBanny A - Rp Blast X

Banny A - Mc Special (Something Special)Banny A - Mc Special (Something Special)

Banny A - Bhangra Hi Fi Vol 1Banny A - Bhangra Hi Fi Vol 1

Banny A - Jashan 2007Banny A - Jashan 2007

Banny A - Black EyeBanny A - Black Eye

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